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Gkionis - Pine Honey from Messinia (Peuko) - 950g

Gkionis - Pine Honey from Messinia (Peuko) - 950g

 This product comes from a small artisanal production of honey from the rural region of Messinia in Greece and is 100% pure.

Pine honey is produced by bees that collect honeydew instead of flower nectar. Honeysuckles are produced from the sugary secretions of parasitic insects and feed on the sap of the tree (eg firs, pines, oaks, etc.) which the bees collect and with the help of various enzymes turn them into honey. As simple as it sounds, honeydew is chemically different from the flower honey you buy in the supermarket. It is usually darker with a higher content of minerals, and has a stronger taste and special nutritional and therapeutic benefits.

Gkionis - Dennenhoning uit Messinia (Peuko) - 950g