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Food Surfing - 4 Citrus Spread Sugarfree (Orange, mandarin, grapefruit, lemon) - 260g

Food Surfing - 4 Citrus Spread Sugarfree (Orange, mandarin, grapefruit, lemon) - 260g

About the product: Because they are produced with 100% fruit with no added sugars, instead using the juice of grapes and additional fruits, and because the citric acid is directly sourced from fresh lemons, these spreads have many additional benefits in comparison to other spreads!

100% fruit and fruit juice with no added sugar

Components: Orange, mandarin, grapefruit, lemon, grape juice concentrate, lemon juice, fruits pectin
No preservatives, colours and flavourings

Nutrition declaration 100g
Energy 1072kj/266kcal
Fat 0,10g
Saturated Fat 0,06g
Sugars 61g
Carbohydrate 62g
Dietary Fiber 2,4g
Protein 0,74g
Salt 0,05g

About the company:
 The goal of Food Surfing Ltd is the production of excellent quality jams and spreads, all made with the best possible way. The selection of raw material is their primary thought. Everything is selected meticulously and no compromise is made in pursuing the best.

Excellent raw materials are transformed into sweet and salty jams and spreads, in brilliant shades of summer and exotic flavors. The company's jams and spreads are created by combining old world tradition with new world innovation.

Our company owns the certificate of integrated food safety management system and ISO 22000, as foreseen by Greek and international legislation.

The original recipes and the indicated way to prepare all types of jams of our company emerged after documented scientific research conducted by the Biosystems Engineering Department of the Technological Institution of Thessaly. We have ensured the safety and health of consumers, providing the necessary expertise and responsibility.

Instructions: Use as any sweet spread! Ideal for your breakfast or a sweet little break during your day.

(Greek: άλειμμα εσπεριδοειδών)

Food Surfing - 4 Citrus Spread Suikervrij (Sinaasappel, mandarijn, grapefruit, citroen) - 260g