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Flokos - Kalamarakia (Squid) - 370g

Flokos - Kalamarakia (Squid) - 370g

About the product: The squids are thoroughly cleaned, placed whole in the can and kept in their natural juice with brine, keeping the taste of fresh squid unchanged. Their natural juice is enriched by the natural ink of squid that is released during cooking.

About the company: The company has been operating for 45 years. Flokos squid are caught in the seas of California and belong to the species Loligo Opalescens.

Instructions: You can enjoy the squids in a green salad or with some spaghetti and a sauce of your preference.

(Greek: καλαμάρι Καλιφόρνιας σε φυσικό χυμό)

Flokos - Kalamarakia (Inktvis) - 370g