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Evoiki Zimi - Fillo Sfoliatas (Puff Pastry) - 700g

Evoiki Zimi - Fillo Sfoliatas (Puff Pastry) - 700g

Abou the product: Puff pastry seems to be related to the Middle Eastern fillo and is used in a similar manner to create layered pastries.

About the company: The company EVOIKI ZIMI SA was created in 1984 in Psachna Evia with the name “Zimarika Psahnon” as a small personal industry with the production of traditional pasta, faithfully following the traditional recipes and using only the finest ingredients, with the way of experienced landladies. Since then, Evoiki Zimi has chosen to grow steadily, oriented to quality, tradition and innovation. Its aim is to create value for society, for the economy, for employees and for the company.


Pies: pie is a baked dish which is usually made of a pastry dough casing that contains a filling of various sweet or savoury ingredients. Sweet pies may be filled with fruit (as in an apple pie), nuts (pecan pie), brown sugar (sugar pie) or sweetened vegetables. Savoury pies may be filled with meat (as in a steak pie or chicken pie), eggs and cheese, spinach or a mixture of meat and vegetables.

Sausage rolls: The basic composition of a sausage roll is sheets of puff pastry formed into tubes around sausage meat and glazed with egg or milk before being baked.

Strudel: A strudel is a type of layered pastry with a filling that is usually sweet.

(Greek: φύλλο σφολιάτας)

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Evoiki Zimi - Fillo Sfoliatas (bladerdeeg) - 700g