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Elma - Chios Mastiha Chewing Gum with Cinnamon - 14g

Elma - Chios Mastiha Chewing Gum with Cinnamon - 14g

About the product: ELMA is the first Greek chewing gum with Chios mastiha and remains as authentic as when it was first released in 1958. ELMA is natural with flavor, color and sensation that may vary from batch to batch, since it is made with natural ingredients. The distinctive aroma of mastiha is replaced by its discreet taste relatively quickly since no artificial flavoring is added. Its natural properties remain unchanged because no artificial sweeteners and antioxidants are used in its manufacture. These special features, as well as its hardness, are the validation of its naturality. ELMA chewing gums are gluten free.

About the company: The Chios Gum Mastic Growers Association started its operations in 1939. In 1985 it inaugurated the modern factory for the production of ELMA chewing gum. 1997 was a key year for mastiha’s history, as the European Union recognized Chios mastiha, Chios mastiha oil and Chios ELMA chewing gum as PDO products (Protected Designation of Origin), according to regulation No. 2081/92 of the EEC.

Instructions: Simply chew and enjoy its freshness and distinctive cinnamon aroma.

(Greek: μαστίχα Χίου ΠΟΠ με κανέλα)

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