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Elais - Pummaro Greek Tomato Sauce Classic - 3 x 250g

Elais - Pummaro Greek Tomato Sauce Classic - 3 x 250g

About the product: Pummaro, tomato concentrated velvet smooth sauce, chose 100% Greek tomatoes, giving your food a wonderful aroma and taste. 100% tomatoes grown with love and care. With one commitment: to do so in a way that does not burden the environment, making the most of natural methods and supporting tomato farmers, ie producers in Gastouni.

About the company: Elais is a brand of the international company Unilever. Unilever employs 149,000 people worldwide, produces and distributes approximately 400 brands in more than 190 countries. It is a global company with a global goal. They make sustainability a daily way of life.

Instructions: Simmer over low heat with the spices of your choice.  Try it on spaghetti, oily foods, legumes, but also for wonderful sauces and soups.

(Greek: pummaro κλασικό απο 100% ελληνικές τομάτες)

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