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Hotos - Anthotyro Cheese - 420g

Hotos - Anthotyro Cheese - 420g

About the product: Anthotyro is a white whey cheese, a variation of and similar to myzithra, made from sheep’s and goat’s milk. Anthotyro is often called the Greek cream cheese because of its taste. It is more granular in texture. It is traditionally used as a table or dessert cheese and as an ingredient in stuffed pies (pitas).

About the company: The tradition in cheese-making stretches back three generations. It was back then that grandfather George Hotos perfected the secrets of Feta and Manouri cheese-making, drawing from the accumulated knowledge of the tradition of the people of the mountainous region of Samarina. These family secrets were passed on from generation to generation, and to the present day. With respect to the traditional way of production and to the quality that made them renowned, Hotos Cheese products stand out for their rich and full flavor, and have become a favourite among Greeks. 

Instructions: It goes well with fruits such as figs, pears, and apples.

(Greek: ανθότυρο)

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