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Bakaliko Gift Card

Bakaliko Gift Card

Give a Bakaliko Gift Card!

Who wouldn't love a delicious treat to more than 800 Greek delicacies, from Wine, Ouzo & Tsipouro, Specialty Cheeses, Traditional Pies to Olive Oil, Sweets and Rusks!

How our gift card works:

1) Purchase the gift card..

2) Receive it to your email inbox.

3) Print it, forward the email or send the code with the person you want.


  • Our gift card does not have an expiration date! The gift card works as a 'balance' and the amount can be spent in one go or multiple times until the balance is depleted.
  • The gift card is not reloadable and cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • It can be used either in our online store or in our physical shop.

Note: An account at Bakaliko is required for the person to redeem the gift code.