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Atlantikos - Single Pelagic Sea Bream cleaned (Tsipoura) 400g-600g

Atlantikos - Single Pelagic Sea Bream cleaned (Tsipoura) 400g-600g

Single sea Bream (Tsipoura) as one whole single bream cleaned, weight between ±400g and ±600g. Please select your desired weight above. Expect a deviation in weight selected.

About the product: Bream Fish or Tsipoura in Greek, is a medium-sized fish found in the Mediterranean waters and is widely known in Greece and Cyprus for it’s delicious taste. It’s a  well-known in all fish taverns throughout Cyprus and the Greek islands for its delicious taste cooked on charcoal grill with oil, lemon and parsley but it is also a fish that we use a lot in home-cooking with various ways. Product of fish farming in Greece.

About the company: Atlantikos Seafoods stand out for their high nutritional value and their exceptional flavour. To ensure the best possible quality the company sources their products globally from a great network of trusted suppliers. All kinds of seafood are sourced from the best fishing areas and as a result, you are provided with the finest in frozen fish & seafood from all parts of the world.

Instructions: Always defrost before cooking.
Place the fish on baking paper in a baking tray.
Tip: To start, grease the fish and then sprinkle some kosher salt,  oregano,  lemon zest and  coriander on both sides of the fish.
Finally, add some lemon juice. Bake for about 35 minutes at 180 degrees.

(Greek: τσιπούρα)

Shipping note: This is a frozen product.

Atlantikos - Pelagische Zeebrasem 400g-600g