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Avantis Anhydrous Santorini P.D.O. (Dry White Wine)  - 750ml

Avantis Anhydrous Santorini P.D.O. (Dry White Wine) - 750ml

About the product

The brackish
Santorini is the first wine created by the winemaker Apostolos Moudrichas under the name Delphinia.

Now bearing the name Santorini, it is the base label of Anhydrous, sourced from selected vineyards. It expresses what volcanic terroir means. Acidity, intense minerality, subtle salinity and aging with grace. All characteristics of volcanic origin.
Tasting notes: Aromas of freshly squeezed lemon, lemon blossom & lime. Chamomile sensation framed by mineral character. Dry mouthfeel with refreshing acidity, elegant structure and a brackish finish.
Athiri, Nightingale, Assyrtiko

Emporio, Kamari, Karterados, Fira

Autiric vines in traditional bunches

Spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts. Remaining on thin lees.

6 years

Seafood, oysters, fried or grilled fish, crayfish with spaghetti