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Amita - Sour Cherry Juice (Vyssino) - 1L

Amita - Sour Cherry Juice (Vyssino) - 1L

About the product: Amita Sour Cherry is a fruit juice with 50% natural sour cherry juice without preservatives.  Natural fruit juices are popular in Greece providing necessary vitamins and ingredients when following a healthy lifestyle.

About the company: Amita is the first packaged juice produced in Greece in 1983 and to this day is still the first brand in the preferences of Greek consumers! Their juices do not contain preservatives and before you open them you can leave them out of the fridge without the risk of spoilage, thanks to their pasteurization and Tetra Pak® paper packaging. They use excellent varieties of fruit, thus ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety with juices that have a wonderful taste.

Instructions: Amita sour cherry is a healthy and delicious beverage ideal for every day consumption.

(Greek: Amita βύσσινο)

Amita - Zure Kersensap (Vyssino) - 1L