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Agrozimi - Husked Wheat (Apofloiwmeno Sitari) - 500g

Agrozimi - Husked Wheat (Apofloiwmeno Sitari) - 500g

About the product: Healthy, unprocessed, delicious Greek wheat, the basis of the Mediterranean diet. Agrozymi's wheat is the only Greek wheat that is peeled with the traditional method of liquid peeling, which ensures a softer fruit for easier cooking.

About the company: A 40-year-long history in Pella, Macedonia, Greece. In 1969, Ghiorgos Martavaltzoglou, an Asia Minor refugee, sets up a bakery in his home village, Aravissos, Giannitsa, where he makes bread and traditional pies. A few years later, in 1974, the second generation puts up a flour mill which grinds top-quality flour. In 1980, the modest mill grows into a traditional food cottage industry. In the years to come, consumers’ trust and a rapidly increasing demand spurred the company into expanding to include the production of pasta – hilopites (Greek egg noodles), flour trahana, couscous etc.

Instructions: A tender, digestible fruit, full of vitamins that with a little boiling can be turned into a healthy breakfast.

(Greek: σιτάρι αποφλοιωμένο)

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