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7 Days - Bake Rolls Pizza - 160g

7 Days - Bake Rolls Pizza - 160g

About the product: 7DAYS Bake Rolls are double baked -not fried- bread chips. Thinly sliced, super crunchy, super tasty, seasoned with herbs and spices, 7DAYS Bake Rolls are a great snacking option for those who love savory snacks.

About the company: 7DAYS is an international brand. It comprises a range of flour-based products, both sweet (mainly single serve and mini croissants, various dough products, biscuits and cakes) and savoury (Bake Rolls, Pizzeti, Fruit & Nuts).

Instructions: Enjoy it any time of your day!

(Greek: mini Bake Rolls με γεύση πίτσα)

7 Dagen - Mini Bake Rolls Pizza - 160gr