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7 Days - Bake Rolls Salt - 160g

7 Days - Bake Rolls Salt - 160g

About the product: 7DAYS Bake Rolls are made from bread, are thinly sliced and double baked for extra crunchiness. They are seasoned with great tasting to enjoy everyday on different occasions.

About the company: 7DAYS is an international brand. It comprises a range of flour-based products, both sweet (mainly single serve and mini croissants, various dough products, biscuits and cakes) and savoury (Bake Rolls, Pizzeti, Fruit & Nuts).

Instructions: The perfect treat for your friends or your children and their schoolmates. 

(Greek: Bake Rolls Αλάτι) 

7 Days - Bake Rolls Zout - 160g